“Chris Tester is chokingly plausible”

Time Out, Diary of a Madman

“Christopher Tester is seriously good”

Time Out, The Picture of John Gray

“Tester gives a terrific performance. His Dracula appears haunted,

possessed by long-lost love and leaves a lasting impression”

The Stage, Dracula

“Tester is equally commanding and devastating”

The Upcoming, Crime & Punishment

“Tester’s incisive Lance Armstrong is the irresistible focus of the play”

The Stage, Pedal Pusher

“Tester is superb as Gestapo office Mohr”

Broadway World, The White Rose

“The easy charm, diffidence, and sexuality he brings is perfect for the role”

Last Minute Theatre, Dracula

“An outstanding performance, Tester is utterly convincing”

Gloucester Echo, Blue/Orange

The evening belongs to Tester’s charismatic performance”

The Stage, The Picture of John Gray

“Tester’s Bosola is demanding, mean and rough-edged, yet heartfelt and earnest; mesmerising and a pure joy to watch”

The Upcoming, The Duchess of Malfi

“Tester’s is a haunting study of mental breakdown”

Three Weeks, Diary of a Madman

“Tester stylishly embodied the lead’s fraught, troubled nature, with a superbly projected, classically trained voice and a commanding stage presence”

West End Wilma, Crime & Punishment

“A truly spectacular solo performance”

Broadway Baby, Diary of a Madman

“Tester is brilliant and always compelling”

Fest, Diary of a Madman

“Several actors merit mention, Chris Tester especially”

The Times, Henry V

“Tester’s Raffalovich is mesmerising”

Camden Review, The Picture of John Gray

“The evening belongs to Tester - haggard, whey faced, impassioned, tormented.  He grips us from start to finish”

ReviewsGate, Crime & Punishment

“Tester’s Romeo is very much passionate flesh and hormonal youth - rampant and defiant.  One you will fall in love with”

The Public Reviews, Romeo & Juliet 

“Tester took my breath away - a raw, outstanding performance”

Everybody Theatre, The Picture of John Gray

“Tester stands out… reminiscent of a young Tobias Menzies”

Remote Goat, A Place At The Table

“Tester is outstanding as the tormented killer as he goes through myriad emotions”

UK Theatre Network, Crime & Punishment

“Tester stands alone in taking his time with the words and filling every sentence with meaning”

Bexley Times, Macbeth

“Tester shines as good for nothing junkie Lyle”

West End Extra, Love and Other Games

“Tester is outstanding, commanding the stage with utter focus and integrity”

Plays to See, The Picture of John Gray

“Tester’s Bosola is compelling”

The Public Reviews, The Duchess of Malfi

“Tester is a very accomplished performer and handles the comedy of the Welsh captain as effortlessly as the tears of Lord Scroop”

One Stop Arts, Henry V

“Tester brilliantly balances intelligence and conflict - exquisite to watch”

EDA Theatre, Crime & Punishment